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PADI Open Water Diver Course

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The Open Water course is a really popular course to take in Orkney. Few other dive schools in the UK would teach from scratch in a dry suit, very few start in the sea from day one and fewer still can offer you your first open water dives on wrecks!  What Orkney and Scapa Scuba can offer over and above makes the Open Water course here something very special.

Learn to dive with Scapa Scuba!

Scapa Scuba teach all courses in very small groups. This means that each student gets individual attention throughout the Open Water course and can progress with confidence at a far quicker rate.
The Scapa Scuba classroom is just 15m from the confined water site! The confined water sessions that cover the basic diving skills are taught in the shallow, sheltered water outside the dive centre, in the sea rather than in a swimming pool.

Not only that, but students are in dry suits from the start gaining confidence with each confined dive.  By the time we reach open water the student is well on their way to mastering dry suit diving. This certainly gives the student an advantage over confined water sessions in a swimming pool, making the transition from confined to open water as easy as possible.

After the confined in-water sessions come the 4 deeper open water dives in which you perform the skills learnt and practiced during the confined water sessions. These dives take place at the Churchill Barriers on Blockship wrecks sunk to protect the British Naval Fleet in Scapa Flow during WWI and WWII. Having the chance to see the wrecks as part of your Open Water Diver course makes your first diving experience even more momentous.

In summary ...

The PADI Open Water Diver Course is available to everyone who is aged 10 and above who is in sound health, with good personal fitness and a basic swimming ability. The 4 day Open Water course is split between knowledge development sessions & practical dives in both confined and open water.  At the end of the course your certification will be recognised internationally and you will be qualified to dive independently of an instructor, with your buddy, to a maximum depth of 18 metres. The PADI Dry Suit Speciality course is included as part of the Open Water course and students will complete the 4 days having gained both qualifications.


315x210 Picture 4Course cost ...
iThe cost of this 4 day course is £625. To include the full PADI Open Water and PADI Dry Suit diver course certifications. The price includes full equipment hire, PADI course materials etc. There are no hidden extras!

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Please read the PADI Medical Statement and Medical Guidelines.  If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the medical questions on the form then please can you make an appointment with your local GP to discuss whether or not you are fit for diving.  A Doctors signature, as confirmation that you are fit for diving, on the reverse of the form is vital only if there is a ‘yes’ answer to any medical question.  Thank you.

What next ...

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