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Drysuits manufacture and repair/ Equipment servicing

Open full time, year-round.

We have been manufacturing and repairing dry suits on site here at Scapa Scuba since 1997. Over the years ‘Scapa Scuba’ dry suits have earned a great reputation in the industry. Increasingly we are being asked to export our suits abroad as their popularity increases with both commercial and recreational divers alike.scapasuitlogo4

All types of suits repaired – both membrane and neoprene drysuits, sailing suits, wet suits etc. with very quick turn around.

We also offer a fantastic Overnight Repair Service and equipment servicing for the Scapa Flow Wreck divers. A saving grace for many!  Your suit will be repaired overnight, returned to your boat and be waiting as good as new for you to dive with the next morning.

Scapa Scuba Neoprene Drysuits –

All suits are made to measure at competitive prices and come in a variety of styles, colours and thicknesses.  Scapa Scuba suits are quality suits that every diver can depend on. We offer excellent value for money.  Ben is a total perfectionist and this shows through in every suit he makes.

As standard, all Scapa Scuba dry suits are made to measure with high quality neoprene and come fitted with...

  • Apeks inlet valve
  • Apeks cuff dump
  • Neoprene zip protector
  • Knife pocket and a normal pocket
  • Dry suit bag
  • Scapa Scuba hood
  • Apeks dry suit hose
  • Heavy-duty rubber / Neoprene boots
  • Dimpled rubber kneepads
  • Heavy-duty zips


Standard Suit Prices

Suits are available with either shoulder or front entry zips.


7mm £700
5mm £770
2.5mm* £995

* 2.5mm suits price includes any choice of pockets and valves.

Our range of available extras allow you to customise your new suit to your exact specification.

Additional extras include:

Apex Shoulder Dump £27
Convenience Zip £55
Bellows pocket (Velcro flap) £45
Cargo pockets (with zip) £50
Braces £25
Over cuffs £30

UK postage - £27.50 per suit to include insurance & special delivery
Click here to download Measurement Form

Scapa Scuba Novelty Suits!

Two local commercial divers challenged Ben’s creative skills with their unusual dry suit requests.
First came the awesome ‘Spider’ suit, closely followed by the superb ‘Super’ suit. Imagine catching sight your favourite super hero taking some time out of their busy schedule to enjoy a dive!
From there the interest was sparked and the next challenge Ben was set was to make a ‘tiger’ suit. This he duly did!
Then it was Kermit, after that ….. who knows! He’s hoping that someone will order an Elvis suit to accompany the Elvis hood he loves so much! Interested?!

Novelty suits are sure to catch the eye of even the most focused diver!

Novelty Suits

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