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The Light Monkey 3W Backup light is a standard size backup light that is ideal for attaching to harness webbing. Utilising cheap and widely available ‘C’ cell batteries it is one of the mainstay backup lights used by technical divers around the world. With a beam angle of 8 degrees the 3W Backup offers reasonable beam penetration but is not a substitute for a decent primary light.

  • 3W Backup LIght
  • 3 X C cell (supplied)
  • 10 hours burn time
  • 3.5cm body diameter
  • 20cm body long


The 2W Backup Light is a compact alternative to the 3W Backup that utilises Li-Ion CR-123 cells. It is a good choice for divers who wish to carry backup lights in their pockets. With a 13 degree beam angle the 2W Backup is excellent for illuminating gauges but lacks the beam penetration of the 3W version. Both lights are double o-ring sealed, made from delrin and are depth rated to 150m.

  • 2W Backup
  • 2 x CR123 Li-ion (supplied)
  • 6Hrs burn time.
  • 3cm body diameter
  • 12.6cm long

3W Backup Light

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