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  • The Air's advanced hydrodynamic profile is a byproduct of Cressi’s Dual Integrated Frame Technology System patent, integrating the silicone skirt to the lens frame. This results in a reduced overall thickness and an increased field of vision.
  • The Air's frame has swiveling, easily adjustable buckles that increase user customization, providing stability, adaptability and unprecedented fitting to this mask.
  • This mask has a particular tapered structure deriving directly from the highly popular Nano-mask patent.
  • The Dual Integrated Frame Technology System allows you to join the silicone skirt to the lens frame without major interruptions of the curvature continuity.
  • The result is a mask with an extremely hydrodynamic shape and, visibility being equal, a significantly smaller size.
  • The field of view obtained is particularly wide, laterally and in the lower zone.
  • The skirt, in the front part, has a structural silicone insert which increases the sealing ability of the mask and creates an exceptionally pleasant chromatic play.
  • Micrometer adjustable buckles.

Cressi Air Mask

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