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  • Available in Orange
  • Dimensions: 1.4m long x 20cm wide
  • Mini-cylinder: 115mm long, 0.1 litre 232BAR 
  • The AP SMBCi - self-sealing SMB with inflation cylinder has all the features and advantages of the AP SMBC together with an independent inflation mini-cylinder (0.1 litre 232 bar available with DIN  fittings).
  • This not only makes deployment a very simple procedure but it allows you to conserve expensive mixed gases for what they are intended rather than SMB inflation.
  • The mini-cylinder is easily replenished by decanting from a standard air cylinder.
  • It folds neatly away inside the rolled-up SMB and the SMBCi can then be stowed in a pocket, attached to an external D ring
  • One key advantage over similar systems is that the SMBCi can still be inflated via the baffle with a second stage in the event that you have forgotten to fill the mini-cylinder.

AP Self-sealing SMB Marker Buoy with Inflation Cylinder

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