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Servicing & Repair

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Drysuit Repair

We repair all types of suits – both membrane and neoprene drysuits, sailing suits, wet suits etc. with very quick turn around.

We also offer a fantastic Overnight Repair Service for the Scapa Flow Wreck divers. A saving grace for many!  Your suit will be repaired overnight, returned to your boat and be waiting as good as new for you to dive with the next morning.

Please click here to get our drysuit price list


Regulator Servicing

We service all types/brands of regulators and offer a full regulator servicing package.


Servicing can be arranged via mail as well as dropping equipment into our shop.


Just like our fantastic Overnight Drysuit Repair Service for the Scapa Flow Wreck divers, we also offer this service for regulator servicing as well.

Please click here to get our Regulator servicing price list


BCD/Wing  Servicing

Often the piece of equipment that can get overlooked when it comes to servicing your gear - we offer a full BCD & Wing servicing package at competitive prices, subject to the servicing that is required.

Like our other servicing packages, you can drop your BCD/Wing into our shop or post it to us and we also offer overnight repair/servicing for the Scapa Flow wreck divers as well.

BCD/Wing Servicing and repair prices are POA


Cylinder Testing

Please note that in the UK, your cylinder should be tested every 2.5 years, alternating between a full hydrostatic test and visual inspection.

We offer the following Cylinder testing services:

  • Visual Cylinder Inspections

  • Hydrostatic Cylinder Testing

  • Cylinder O2 Cleaning

  • Internal Shot Blasting

Please click here to get our cylinder testing price list

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