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Conventional and compact Pressure Regulator 1st Stage, designed for use with compressed air where pressure reduction from a maximum of 232 Bar Cylinder pressure to a regulated outlet working pressure of approximately 10 Bar is required. For use with air in non-breathing applications, such as tyre inflation, argon suit systems etc. The balanced design controls air regulation at various depths, providing a stable outlet pressure from a fixed turret. Complete with internal over pressure relief valve that will protect should outlet pressure exceeds 12.5-13 Bar. One Low Pressure Port with a 3/8” X 24 UNF threaded outlet providing the regulated supply and one High Pressure Port with 7/16” X 20 UNF thread for attachment of a Pressure Gauge for measuring cylinder contents. Manufactured with a standard male EN-144-1/ISO 12209 type 232 Bar DIN fitting in accordance with European Standard EN250: 2014. Measuring 8cm/3 inches x 5cm/2 inches diameter and weighs only 360 grammes. Operated by a sliding piston machined inside the nickel plated brass mono-block, which is totally sanded, polished and chromium plated. Supplied complete with DIN fitting cap to protect the threads on the high pressure attachment from damage and contamination. Being specifically designed with a minimum number of moving parts, the Mini First Stage is quick and easy to maintain. It should be serviced annually by an authorised and certified technician.

Beaver 232 Bar DIN Mini 1st Stage Pressure Reducing Valve

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