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Extra Long 91cm - 36 inch High Pressure Hose for use with most types of SCUBA diving pressure gauges & instrument consoles. Fitted with male 7/16" UNF threaded fitting for installation in to the High Pressure female port of virtually all SCUBA Diving regulator 1st stages. Female 7/16" UNF threaded fitting, supplied with straight shouldered swivel pin and O-Rings as used on the most standard SPG's and Gauge consoles. Manufactured in the European Union using the highest quality extra flexible yet ultra tough hose with a minimum bust pressure ration of 4.1, all fittings are produced from corrosion resistant metals ensuring a top class product perfect for many years of intensive use. This Extra Long 91cm long version is designed for use when additional length is required between your regulator 1st Stage and Cylinder Contents Pressure Gauge. All Beaver hoses exceed the standards of European Specification EN-250.

Beaver Extra Long 36" (91cm) High Pressure Hose

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