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All the necessary component parts required to have a complete service performed on all types of Beaver single outlet cylinder valves. All O-Rings and parts subject to any wear are replaced by a SCUBA Diving technician at each routine maintenance service, ensuring that cylinder vales remain in perfect operational condition. All O-Rings are manufactured from high quality Viton, suitable for use with Nitrox in addition to normal breathing air. 1 Large O-Ring for the M25X2 threaded section between the cylinder and the manifold, 1 stems with new seals and O-Rings, 1 stem retaining nuts with new O-Rings, 1 valve seat seal, 2 O-Rings to go on the DIN Insert only for use on the 232 Bar version. Please see Product Code TMSK for service kit for Beaver Sports twin manifolds.

Beaver Nitrox Single Cylinder Valve Service Kit

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