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Standard size High Pressure Hose with a length of 76cm - 30 inches, as used on virtually all regular SCUBA Diving Cylinder Pressure Contents Gauges and Instrument Consoles. With male 7/16" UNF & female 7/16" UNF threaded fittings, suitable for attachment to the High Pressure threaded port of virtually all SCUBA Diving regulator first stages. A standard 'straight shouldered' swivel pin with O-Rings is included, perfect for use with most types of S.P.G. - Single Pressure Gauges and Gauge Console assemblies, Beaver also supply other types of Swivel Pins with O-Rings should an alternative model be required. Made in the EU to the highest possible standards using the best available materials and exceeding the standards of EN-250, this hose offers a huge level of flexibility whilst maintaining ultimate strength. Stainless steel fittings are produced from specially formulated Marine Grade material.

Beaver Standard 30" (76cm) High Pressure Hose

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