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Manufactured by Molecular Products Sofnolime 797 is a granular carbon dioxide absorbent suitable for use in semi-closed and closed-circuit rebreathers.

The 797 grade absorbent is a 1-2.5mm particle that has a triangular cross section which give a higher CO2 absorption capacity compared with other granule shapes and sizes. The #8 to #12 mesh size granules have the ability to absorb up to 150 L/Kg of CO2.

This product is the non-indicating version and is sold in a 4.5kg 2 pack. The Sofnolime containers are able to maintain proper absorption capacity for five years.

1 x Sofnolime 797 Grade

  • This product is only avalible for collection from our shop in Stromness, Orkney. Please contact us for more information.

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